5 Data Integration Benefits of Hosted VoIP Service


Making the switch to hosted voice over IP telephony (VoIP) service can enable your organization to unlock crystal-clear business communications at a fraction of the cost of plain old telephone services (POTS). However, you’ll also be in a position to unlock massive benefits to your internal productivity and customer satisfaction. The secret? Data integration, which is generally available as add-on services with hosted VoIP vendors.

Just how much your organization stands to benefit can vary. Thirty-one percent of businesses have made the switch to VoIP, with many citing increased productivity and cost-savings as their primary motivations.

What VoIP Data Integration Looks Like

Your VoIP implementation can become part of a greater ecosystem of unified business communications (UC). Over time, you can integrate your VoIP telephony with add-on features and existing apps to achieve integration between communication and collaboration platforms.

While the “right” integrations can vary, some possibilities include:

  • CRM
  • cloud backup
  • workforce management/HR apps
  • project management software
  • accounting systems
  • client emails

Read on to learn five ways these integrations could benefit your organization.

1. Time Savings

Data integration means your employees spend less time looking for information, trying to reach colleagues and doing manual research. Data reveals that integrated communications tools save an average of 43 minutes per day for each employee. Productivity gains are even higher, at 55 minutes saved daily, for mobile and remote workers.

2. Higher-Quality Data

Data researcher Philip Russom states that data synchronization “enables more nimble, time-sensitive business practices.” Your employees make better decisions when they have all the information. When your sales team looks in the CRM, can they see that a lead already contacted your company today via chat? Does your project management software include a transcribed voicemail from a client? Higher-quality data can help your employees provide faster and more accurate responses to customers, due to better availability of information.

3. Improved Collaboration

Adoption of new collaboration tools is almost always a challenge. However, the fact that hosted VoIP links to applications throughout the enterprise can make even the most resistant employees work better together.

“Perhaps they will start being more collaborative just using telephony, but the real value comes from providing a seamless link to other modes,” writes analyst Jon Arnold. Even if your employees are hesitant to make a change, your system will still synchronize data across platforms.

4. Real-Time Information

How often in your career have you witnessed wasted time or embarrassment because people weren’t on the same page? Think of multiple calls made to the same customer or urgent requests ignored because a decision maker was offline in an important meeting. VoIP integration can’t completely mitigate your error risks, but it can improve real-time information flow. Hosted VoIP offers mobility, which is defined as the ability for employees to receive work calls offsite through a VoIP mobile app on a smartphone. Mobility allows you to use a single phone number for an employees’ desk phone and mobile phone, which removes the confusion of how to reach someone.

5. Happier Customers

One small-industry specific study found that 60 percent of customers choose to do banking with a teller instead of utilizing online banking because they want the personalized interaction with a real human being.

VoIP integrations enable your customer service and sales staff to always have the “full picture” of your contacts, including social media messages, company information and their communication history with your organization. This can enable your customers to feel like they’re understood and valued. Better data integration across communication platforms can result in happier, more loyal clients.


While hosted VoIP can create significant savings on monthly telephony spend, you’re also likely to receive different kinds of value, with improvements in productivity, data quality and customer satisfaction. With better data for decision-making, higher productivity and more satisfied customers, your organization could experience widespread benefits from hosted VoIP.


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